DOTA is too complex for power tier lists, why make one?

This is not a power tier list, it’s only a popularity list of picks of heroes in the professional gaming scene. That’s why heroes change tiers even when there are no balance changes.

How are the tier lists decided?

The data is taken from Dota Academy for the relevant period and drafts from tournament semi finals and finals are adjusted to contribute more to the result. After that, a little bit of tinkering takes place to account for current trends.

Why not prepare a list on pure data?

Pure data is already there for anyone to check. Since trends are what guides a large part of the drafting, it’s worth it to incorporate them in creating the tiers. The point is not to make a flawless list but rather to start a discussion on the hero picks.

Why aren’t specific regions like China weighted more favourably?

In my opinion, it’s clearer for the readers to have an equal global view of the current tiers, rather than forcing a specific picking preference of regions. We will see an actual clash of the drafting strategies of all regions in the next International.

Treant Protector is OP, why is he missing?

That’s for the pros to answer and for us to speculate.
June ’13 edit : We finally have our answer. 🙂

I think you’re wrong.

It’s not improbable. Feel free to comment and let me know.

I think you’re wrong, you “!”$!$£$”%”^^$%£$.

When is the next list coming up?


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