Welcome to d2htl!

Welcome to d2htl! Purpose of this blog is to keep up with the current hero pick and ban trends in the world of competitive Dota 2.

There are three main goals that will hopefully be served by d2htl:

  • Help people who are new to the game to understand the choices of the pros.
  • Inspire people familiar with the game to try out new team match-ups and strategies
  • Spark discussions about the dominance of some heroes and the viability of others, in the current competitive stage.

The presentations within are prepared mainly with the data of Dota Academy (many thanks to Bruno and Bruno), the reviews of all the major Dota 2 news sites and a casual observation of the running tournaments. Of course, all content is product of personal opinion and I’m sure the Internet is ready to let me know that everything is wrong, with or without due respect.

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2 Responses to Welcome to d2htl!

  1. domy says:

    When is the March update for this scheduled?

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